Business Incentives

We believe that our clients should be recognized and rewarded when they invest in a community, thereby creating job opportunities, increased tax revenue, and a "success story." KLG Advisors has a long history of consistently obtaining record-setting public sector incentives for clients.

Incentive packages can be worth substantial sums, sometimes in the tens of millions of dollars, but organizations that lack effective advisors often leave this value “on the table.” Time and again, KLG Advisors has negotiated incentive packages for clients that allow them to substantially reduce their initial and/or ongoing projects costs.

KLG works with clients to:

  • Calculate the potential economic impact of their project on a set of finalist communities
  • Develop a negotiating strategy for business incentives
  • Create awareness of the importance of the project among finalist communities
  • Structure and conduct negotiations
  • Select the optimal offer
  • Draft and finalize the terms of the agreement

We offer a comprehensive suite of incentive services, including:

Business Incentives Assessment – Evaluate available subsidies in potential locations on a program-by-program and comparative basis, so that our clients can understand the true value of public sector incentives in relation to the overall business cost structures in each location.

Incentive Strategy, Deal Structuring and Negotiation – Develop innovative incentive strategies and execute them by applying time-tested RFP and negotiation processes to achieve the most beneficial deal.

Legislative Support – Change or write new legislation to support client needs, in collaboration with its team, counsel, and advocates.

Documentation – Provide detailed documentation to ensure our clients' benefits and responsibilities are consistent with the agreements made during negotiating and structuring.

Post-Deal Administration, Audit and Compliance – Help clients administer and maintain ongoing compliance and incentive commitments.

Renegotiation and Restructuring – Assist in altering incentive agreements to reflect changes in economic and business conditions.