Corporate Real Estate Strategy

For most companies, real estate is their second or third largest expense and a factor that impacts every dimension of their business operation. KLG develops and implements successful portfolio management strategies that deliver dramatic bottom-line results.

KLG's real estate advisory services have helped many clients actively manage their corporate real estate portfolio through a holistic planning approach focused on creating significant economic and operational improvements. By raising corporate real estate strategy as a key business driver, KLG Advisors has helped these corporations yield hundreds of millions of dollars in cost savings and value enhancements that deliver:

  • Extraordinary financial and operational improvements
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Better ongoing real estate decision-making
  • Enhanced corporate image and identity

KLG provides the full range of real estate advisory services necessary to help companies create and implement high-impact real estate strategies. In many instances, we serve in an ongoing advisory capacity with clients – essentially working as an extension of the internal real estate department. We also serve clients on a project basis, applying discrete components of our service offering to reflect the requirements of a specific challenge. Our real estate advisory services include:

Portfolio Evaluation and Optimization – Provide financial, supply-and-demand, and occupancy modeling to produce a comprehensive view of a client's corporate real estate portfolio.

Asset Due Diligence & Evaluation – Provide a detailed review of existing and potential assets – including owned and leased properties – that illuminates both cost-effectiveness and usability factors on a stand-alone or comparative basis.

Macro-level Adjacency & Space Utilization – Create an in-depth view of the suitability of both existing and potential properties through a focus on organizational alignment and space optimization.

Transaction Structuring – Conduct project-specific and portfolio planning – including leasing, purchasing, exiting, and restructuring – based on financial drivers such as P&L, cash, and tax-related considerations.

Principal Representation – Provide at-the-table transaction support and work directly with a client's broker and the owner’s representatives as needed.

M&A Services – Draw from a range of services related to M&A-focused activities – from simple due diligence portfolio evaluation to recommendations regarding the best portfolio and cost structure for the new entity.