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David Fleisher

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David Fleisher co-leads the real estate practice and maintains primary responsibility for conducting the full range of financial analyses integral to the firm’s real estate portfolio strategy, incentive, and location assignments.


  • Financial analysis
  • Logistical planning and effective space use
  • Managing complex real estate projects from inception through execution


Mr. Fleisher’s financial analysis work has included building occupancy, cash flow, buy/sell, sale/leaseback, and internal cost/allocation models for large domestic and international real estate portfolios. He has also prepared detailed fixed asset analyses to determine write-off or restructuring costs applicable in case of a move or space renovation. These efforts helped translate various physical and operational events into financial formats compatible with clients’ analytical frameworks.

Mr. Fleisher has developed logistical planning models and restacking exercises for numerous clients to plan or implement moves. He has assisted internal teams and design professionals to ensure that space standards meet corporate business objectives and occupancy cost targets.

Mr. Fleisher has helped a number of long distance relocation clients to develop policy models that analyze the impact of relocation, retention, separation, and employee replacement costs on clients’ relocation options.

Prior to joining KLG Advisors in 1993, Mr. Fleisher was a senior consultant with the relocation consulting firm Moran, Stahl & Boyer, Inc.


New York Stock Exchange, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Time Inc., JP Morgan, Equitable Life, and Cultor Food Science


  • M.B.A. with concentrations in Strategic and Corporate Planning and Human Resources Management from New York University
  • B.A. in Finance and Management from New York University