Institutional Securities Operations Center

The Institutional Securities Operations division of one of the world’s largest financial services firms.


The client’s goals were to rapidly build a 600-person workforce in a new location, do so by hiring top quality talent, ensure that when necessary there was available talent with relevant industry experience, achieve significant cost savings on both labor and real estate, and maintain close proximity to its world headquarters in Manhattan in order to allow easy travel back and forth to the new center. Additionally, the client emphasized the need to identify a location that could eventually serve as a viable platform for a wide range of other functions including revenue-producing front office groups.



Baltimore was selected from among a wide range of options nationwide because it provided a world-class pool of experienced workers with relevant Securities Industry experience. Additionally, the many top colleges and universities throughout both the Baltimore and nearby Washington, D.C. metro areas, provided an abundant supply of high quality entry-level talent. 



  • Identified relevant locations based on client specifications and detailed analysis
  • Led the senior management team of the firm through an exhaustive decision process resulting in the selection of Baltimore
  • Developed real estate options, guided the decision process, and structured a complex development deal for a new facility in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore
  • Secured commitments for state and local incentives worth approximately $15 million for client based on a commitment of 600 jobs
  • Four years after the initial decision, KLG helped the client decide to expand by a further 900 positions and secured an additional $23 million in incentives.