Location Analysis - Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse

The Information Technology and Securities Operations divisions of one of the world’s largest financial services firms, headquartered in Switzerland, but with the need to support a global workforce with major scale in financial capitals across the globe.


The client needed to find a new location that could satisfy their demanding needs for a top quality workforce, many with expertise in state-of-the-art IT Development and Engineering technologies, with sufficient depth of talent to support the large-scale needs of a global financial services firm, while simultaneously reducing their costs.



After performing a preliminary worldwide search for locations, KLG Advisors presented the client with a large number of viable locations, and then helped the client to identify Raleigh-Durham, NC as the choice that best fit its needs. Raleigh - Durham that is renowned for the presence of many of the world’s top technology employers and is home to a number of top-tier institutes of higher learning. Because of the concentration of high-tech companies in the area, it offers proximity to many of the companies that the client relies on regularly to provide it with state-of-the-art information technology capabilities; creating the opportunity for greater collaboration and synergies between the client and these firms.



  • Identify relevant locations based on client specifications and detailed analysis
  • Guide the firm's senior management through the decision-making process to pick the location that best aligned with the firm’s needs.
  • Secure commitments for state and local incentives worth approximately $16 million for client – significantly offsetting the costs required to establish the new Center. This was for an initial commitment of 400 new jobs.
  • Two years following this, KLG assisted the client to choose the new center for an additional 400 new jobs, and secured an additional $22 million in incentives.