Location Strategy & Site Selection

Where a company is located has a fundamental impact on its ability to control costs, generate revenue, and maximize performance. KLG Advisors is the advisor of choice for companies that understand the power of geography and real estate.

KLG Advisors helps companies leverage geography to create a number of opportunities and advantages.

Attract and retain top talent – Tap the right labor markets to ensure a plentiful supply of the talent and expertise a company needs to thrive.

Dramatically reduce costs – Capitalize on the geovariability of labor, operating, and real estate costs to dramatically reduce expenses.

Access additional revenue and capital – Identify and access new markets for services and products, as well as sources of capital.

Foster innovation – Facilitate ongoing relationships with specialized partners – other companies, groups, individual experts, and educational and research institutions – critical to developing services, products, processes, and talent.

Mitigate risk – Minimize external risk factors and bolster systemic resiliency in order to avoid business disruption whenever possible and ensure continuity when unanticipated disruptions occur.

Establish favorable governance – Leverage locations that provide regulatory and governance structures that are most suitable to the needs of the business by providing tax, operational, reporting, or revenue generating advantages.

KLG Advisors offers both discrete and end-to-end solutions to help companies get the most out of their location portfolio.  Our expert location and site selection services enable us to develop a holistic global location strategy tailored to support our clients specific project needs and ultimately advance the organizations overall corporate objectives.  Specific services include:

Location Strategy Development and Assessment – Develop and evaluate options for leveraging geography from strategic, operational, and financial perspectives to create an overall "footprint" plan that satisfies both discrete business functions and broader corporate strategy.

Location Selection and Site Selection – Identify the optimal locations and specific sites -- leveraging our experience, proven methodologies, and state-of-the-art analytical tools -- that provide the best fit and the best deal.

Change Management and Implementation – Generate and manage the critical policies and procedures central to successful implementation of an expansion, relocation, or consolidation of a client's operations.

Investor Services – Determine how, post-acquisition, a company's new location portfolio can be reconfigured to enhance financial and operational performance.