There’s no substitute for experience. KLG's professionals are seasoned, analytical, and accomplished advisors capable of delivering strategies that are better, different, and relevant. Our team is led by principals who have more than a century of collective experience in the industry.  Our experience puts our clients on the right path from day one.

Don’t just trust your instincts, get the facts. We give clients the data and decision-making tools they need to proceed with confidence. Our advice is supported by deep expertise in mathematical, statistical, and financial modeling techniques. 

The most obvious choice is often not the best one. Creating a unique advantage over competitors occurs when a company does something different and better. At KLG, we think big picture and plan in great detail. We align location and real estate strategies with broader business objectives -- making recommendations that are not only smart, but actionable.

Objectivity is everything. KLG is an advisory firm only, not a brokerage. We have no vested interest in fostering a real estate transaction or selling other downstream implementation services. This gives us the freedom to base our advice purely on what we believe will best serve the interests of clients. Our value proposition is based on how much our clients save, not on how much they spend.

Companies dealing with complex issues are best served by specialized advisors. Unlike consulting practices that are mere appendages of larger generalist firm, KLG is highly focused in our areas of expertise.  We respond quickly and thoughtfully to the rapid shifts in strategy and business conditions that clients must often face.

How well you do depends on where you are. A company’s short- and long-term success often hinges on how and where it is physically situated. That’s why all of KLG’s services are focused on helping a company determine the best geographic and physical configuration to support their business goals. In order to get it perfect, you need the right combination of location strategy and real estate portfolio management backed by an attractive incentives package to finance the change. KLG covers all of the bases – from location to incentives to real estate – to ensure that all the critical components are optimized, aligned, and deliver on their promise.